Prestige Tours

The Central Otago area of New Zealand’s South Island is a rich tapestry of nature’s beauty that simply begs to be embellished with a touch of luxury.Whether you’re a visitor to New Zealand, a Kiwi enjoying the wonderful South or a corporate looking for a stylish weekend with a difference, Prestige Tours offers you a service with all the trimmings.

Our Guides

Paddy Kluts

Paddy has been a local in Queenstown for many years. His family dates back to the early times when Queenstown was still just a ‘mere’ town.
Paddys’ experience is from bars and restaurants to 4WD and quad-bike guiding. This makes him very knowledgeable about the areas history, wine, culture and hospitality scene including the top private chefs, photographers, locations, hot spots and art galleries.

It is always a luxury tour service with Paddy where you feel very well looked after.

Paddy founded the company in 2013. Paddy has done it all, now it’s your turn!

John Thomssen

With several careers behind him already its only fitting that he now works as a guide, something that suits his people friendly personality and adventurous spirit.

In Queenstown JT has launched into the tourism industry, safety kayaking, guiding hiking trips, heli ski guiding, etc the usual list of dream jobs. Interspersed with working on films and commercials (notably a double for Aragon in a very very tiny scene in LOTR) he was generally considered to be “living the dream”.

Now living the family man dream, he has 2 kids, a loving wife Jess, 2 dogs, 1 cat and continues to keep active and involved in the Queenstown area.

JT is an amazing guide with extensive knowledge in our boutique wine industry, local art galleries and historic locations. We also get out for a round of golf every now and then at any one of our amazing courses in Queenstown